{ The best idea ever}

I just found this fabulous post about Dinovember!

This couple devote the month of November to convincing their children that, while they sleep, their plastic dinosaur figures come to life.

Every night the plastic dinossaures get active and make a party!

The kids comments are adorable!

(“Can we still have that cereal for breakfast, Daddy?”)


(“Mom and Dad, you should really lock the kitchen.”)(“Don’t let Mom and Dad see this—the dinos drew on the wall!”)

“Why do we do this? Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, we don’t want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination. In a time when the answers to all the world’s questions are a web-search away, we want our kids to experience a little mystery. All it takes is some time and energy, creativity, and a few plastic dinosaurs.”


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