9 thoughts on “{ A pedido de várias famílias… }

  1. Ao inicio estranhei, mas agora já estava habituada e até gostava, lol, apesar de todos os problemas de vista que tenho!!! Mas também gosto assim, aliás existem por aí blogs que gostamos de qualquer forma, né?? Beijokinhas!!!

  2. I also have fascination to know about the lives of people all those wonderful years ago, apart from the being eager to re-read the Classics all over again. The only snag is that I don't get to read as fast as I would want to because of other coimstmentm.

  3. Glad you’re here on the web. My kids are still little, but my husband and I have discussed homeschooling for quite some time now. Our biggest fear has been the issue of not knowing anyone who does it for reasons other than religious ones. Anyway, just moved KC, MO…

  4. It is lovely. I remember those days and hope to have grandchildren to remind me of these moments [my children aren’t moving very fast in that direction].If you are still playing with this, consider “close” instead of “filled”. The action then shows the trust rather than your saying it.

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